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I wasn't expecting this! My personal yoga story.

I had just turned 19 and moved to Canada all by myself when I first started getting into yoga. My body wasn't flexible at all nor was I able to sit still, especially compared to all those seasoned 'yogis' in Vancouver. I had never stepped into a yoga studio before. I even struggled to easily or safely get into a lot of the poses. The idea of yoga at that time to me was just something that would help make me flexible...

But near the Pacific Northwest Coast, I immediately felt at home. That feeling of belonging to a place and culture felt so warm. It made me thrive. The fact is that, in North America, they take sports and movement very seriously. It wasn't something I had experienced before in Europe. And since there were so many yoga studios in Vancouver, and all of my friends were already into it, yoga seemed like a natural thing to do.

I have, however, always incorporated strength exercises and lifting into my life and trained rigorously, even as a teenager. Strength training continues to elevate my confidence so much.

Since the past decade, and while trying to juggle coaching with entrepreneurship, I have additionally been super disciplined with my own mobility training. I even increased my yoga practice frequency and intensity. In the meantime, I became a registered yoga teacher. And was teaching a ton!

Practicing yoga is more than the feeling and a wish to be strong in order to protect my bones and joints while improving the quality of my life.

Over the years, I have learnt to work WITH my body rather than against it. I know where to stop and when to take a rest. It’s really one of the biggest lessons yoga continues to teach me. I actually had no idea how much I was working against my own body until I found yoga.

The physical & mental bandwidth I experience today definitely wasn’t the starting point of my yoga journey and, luckily... it’s not the end either ;)

So, whoever needs to hear this one more time (just like me), it really helps to let go of the idea that the benefits of yoga only come to those who are flexible, or when we attain a certain look or pose. Or that the benefits stop at flexibility. The infinite amount of benefits are for all of us, right here, right now.

Yoga is an excellent way to increase mobility & greatly add body awareness but the mental advantages are also huge: feeling of ease, clarity, less emotional turbulence...all elements golfers deal with, wether they are pro or amateur, the game doesn't change.

Maybe one small act of courage this year for you is to simply get started.

I really wish for you to experience FULL BODY FREEDOM, today and every day :)

Happy international (golf)yoga day!!

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Keep Strong!

Liesbeth Pauwels

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