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At home body & mind toolkit for golfers.

Here is my toolkit for you to use during times like these when going golfing and going to gym are no option, you might wonder how to remain strong and calm. I personally have been using these wonderful resources and hope by sharing them that those hopefully bring some more peace of mind and a resilient body to you.

As this is a practical toolkit, you can find links to all of the resources below, with the goal of it being very easy applicable so you can experience immediate benefits.

1. Yoga at home for golfers

Practice with me for free. Keep your body prepared for the upcoming golf season (Yes, let's remain positive about resuming golf in a short time).

2. Playlists

- Get out of your head and into your body. Move & Dance everything away till you are sweating!!

- Slow Down, and let these tunes bring you peace and a sense of safety.

3. Reading

5. Daily habits

Hydrate, cold shower, extra vitamin C supplement, stay active, good sleep, positive thinking, deep breaths, meditation, nose breathing (breathing exercises), yoga at home. Avoid reading/watching the news after 18:00 and try to limit news updates to a minimum of 2 times a day.

Keep strong and calm, Coach Liesbeth

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