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Celebrating 10 years as a golf performance coach!!!!

This year marks my 10th year as a Titleist Performance Institute certified professional and golf performance coach.

To those who’ve been on this journey with me and who have continued to support and encourage me, thank you.

My smart incredible colleagues / peers who make me feel at home in this industry.

To anyone who has gone through a TPI screening with me, who has been open to receive my work during an event, in group classes, my golf yoga retreat, my online training course to reading my articles.

My wonderful coachees for their (long term!!) trust in my approach.


I am deeply grateful to do what I love most and feel like I have so much more to learn, give and experience.

In celebration of my 10th anniversary as a TPI professional, I am organising a GIVEAWAY.

Head over to my Instagram to enter :)

Here’s to another 10 years to come!!!

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