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Why maintaining your current baseline is the first step. And what to do for that next level?

Let's talk about:


You know,

the current physical state of your body, strength, health, flexibility.

Or the state of physical inactivity?

Which btw,

I hope is not very high.

Did you know that golfers under the age of 80 have better strength and balance than sedentary non-golfers of similar ages?

This was one of the finding of a recent international research study backed by The R&A.

But what if I'm:

too stiff, not a professional, not so young anymore, never been able to do the splits, recently injured, always have had limited range of motion in my body, already have tight weak muscles, not into yoga...

you name it.

I'll say what others won't say:

but these "excuses" or "restrictions"

(which in the end are simply labels)

are your baseline.


whatever your baseline is,

the absolute key is

to not let it get worse.

Because if you don't address it now,

if you're not doing anything about it now,

it's simply going to get worse.

And many minds (in combination with social pressure) are simply wired in the way that:

"just holding the baseline"

isn't good enough,

or isn't "cool" enough

isn't "serious" enough

and... "we definitely can not be proud of that baseline".

And that my friends,

are extremely risky believes to hold on to.

These believes limit your capacity for continuous splendid health, growth, performance.

Holding the baseline is the foundation for vitality.

Don't wait for a better time to work on it.

Start making the change in your life right now.

You don't have to transform your entire life either.

And so if that's your current focus,

I see you!

I applaud you!!

I see you smart golfers training your body, taking that next step toward your strength & flexibility!

I see it in all of the golfers I am working with too. I see you! Keep going.

Consistent little steps and every day commitment to your goals leads up to monumental change.

So move forward.

Listen & stand up for your body.

Enjoy the freedom of motion you are developing.

Because in the end

and I'm happy to repeat it as many times as needed

it's the smallest changes implemented over time that start to lead the way to the biggest transformation.

That's when you'll continue to feel inspired to take action.

And if the baseline is settled and met,

or you have competition ambitions,

That's where training comes in.

That's where bigger steps are needed,

limits are being challenged

comfort zones are left behind.

I'm talking about

Inspired action leading to

Effective training,

well, that's taking things to a whole other level.

And so here's how to move forward to that next level:

Plan a complimentary evaluation call with me and we'll chat about your training plan. I'll share with you the strategy I see for you to improve & stretch your baseline. Because that's where I can help you with the most: through 1 on 1 individual mentoring and tailor made training plans. For those already meeting the requirements of holding their baseline but excited to take it further to the next level. It all happens in my High Performance Program setting. You can read more about it here. Talk soon :)

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