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Continuing to improve as an athlete & human being.

Doing the simple things really well generates massive long term benefits and is at the forefront of movement mastery and excellent athletic performances.

Cease to judge (yourself or others) when spending effort, energy and time into the basic athletic capacities for they serve as the foundation for winning in life & tournaments.

Think of:

breathing mechanics, mobility, stability, alignment, strength & flow.

And of:

recovery, nutrition, balance & mental health.

I know it’s easy to adopt the belief of always going for faster & more. That without having had to ‘grind’ or feel sore the next day, a training was a ‘waste’.

Let me provide you with a quick example:

(for those golfers who are into running this will be your cup of tea)

Adding distance or time to a run is the most common goal along with reducing time for a set distance.

Then lowering HRV, improving the warming up, improving running mechanics are goals that help bring attention back to the basics.

Now, is your commitment to respect the basic athletic foundations such as the above, rest, balance, recovery, and good nutrition, strong enough to take you to your big goals?

Not sure how that commitment and plan should look like or where to begin?

Feeling overwhelmed yet determined to change things for the better once and for all.

I am here to help elite amateurs and pro’s with setting the right balance between those baselines and their golf performances.

My program doesn’t just teach you the mechanics of breathing, adds mobility & stability, strength and speed to your body…

My coaching is here to provide you with my coaching on what’s important and what needs priority for your unique situation, time of season, goal and body.

I'm not just instructing you what to do.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

It’s an old Chinese proverb I like to use as an analogy.

Give a man a fish is the instructor teaching the student and giving them new skills, but they will be limited.

Teach a man to fish is like showing the student how to use these skills to improve, and the possibilities are endless.

It's about coaching you. It's about overseeing the entire development of a player rather than just a small part. That's my intention during the our time together.

At higher-end levels (like my clients typically are at) there should be coaching involved as the students may have a fair bit of experience and knowledge about strength & conditioning or yoga practice and therefore need less instruction.

As many of clients their skills and awareness develops, I apply guided discovery and coach them towards a goal or outcome.

We use problem solving. This involves very little instructing but more self learning for the student and hence creates way greater empowerment.

All in turn generating greater development of them as an athlete and human being.

"I feel the ripple effect of her coaching everyday on the course and I always hear Liesbeth's voice whenever I move through doubt. Since the High Performance Program, my scores have LOWERED, but most importantly I am more in tune with myself. I feel like I have improved in taking care of myself and my body.” Sofia - International Amateur Golfer

Prepare for a massive shift because my mentoring helps you learn:


... without having to work harder for it and completely destroy your body ... through having more physical energy which translates into sharper focus for longer and less exhaustion early in the round ... that leaves you feeling fulfilled and physically recharged so you can invest your energy into what really matters ... with rounds where you actually experience joy in your game

Now the High Performance Program is 100% personal, 100% tailor made and a 100% remote. Yup all of these function together amazingly!

It’s open to golfers world wide. Yet it’s not for the faint of heart.

It’s for warriors, believers and those with unrelenting courage and resilience.

If you’re always looking for ways to take care of yourself, your body and to continue to improve as an athlete and human, this is for you.

You can claim a spot on the waiting list for the High Performance Program here.

Feel welcome to send me any questions or hesitations you might still have via dm too.

Coach, can you tell me what my investment is?

I believe in encouraging you to feel the value of what our training is about to create during the High Performance Program and beyond. Of the value of the long term impact the program delivers through making a decision from your heart rather than your head.

Hop on the complimentary call and if we find there's a match, I will give you context to the training frequencies as well as the investment rate.

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