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Living a life from the heart.

Bijgewerkt op: 24 sep. 2022

It’s been over 2 decades since we first met. She, super fresh and green. Me, too young and not strong enough.

Pipa who goes by ‘Patatje’ was my first pony and it was a hell of a start to our journey. I shared a bit on that in this article. Ever since I sold her, I was fortunate to come visit her from time to time. The last time I had visited was back in 2016!

This summer I finally went on another visit. She’s already into her early 30’s. And in case you’re not into horses, that’s quite the age. One of my biggest intentions this year has been to visit and be close to loved ones - including our furry companions - more often or spend quality time together. As you can imagine, these past years have been challenging to get together.

And so I drove to Belgium on a hot summer day. And while this day was very special, being with her didn’t feel special… rather, it honestly felt like the most normal natural thing ever. It felt like coming home.

She's still got that spice & spark in her soul, has impeccable health considering her age (thanks to the amazing care of her sweet owner), has an apple tree in her meadow and her best friend - who's a couple years younger - doesn't leave side of her. She means a lot to me for she has not only given me a childhood filled with heartwarming and super fun pony adventures, she also taught me important lessons. Like what it actually means to not give up. And what it actually feels like to embody trust and confidence. And what kind of results could come from persistence and dedication, especially given challenging circumstances. And the practice of staying present. The joys from being in the moment and the deeper sense of fulfilment coming from years of effort working together. The physical impact, the blood, sweat and tears. And now I also understand that it all enabled me to live more from my truth and to connect with my heart.

As I reflect upon the life lessons, reminisce over the beautiful fond memories and the longing for the cuddles still to come, my heart is just filled with joy.

A heart that's filled with furry friends is a heart filled with love. They are our best teachers when it comes to enjoying the small everyday moments of life, of living in the present. There's just something so unique and grounding that comes from being close to our furry souls. I think that those who are fortunate to foster any kind of relationship with cats, dogs, horses or other animals it's a set up for living a life from the heart …

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