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My 8 secrets to mastering balance.

I know you are taking your golf goals seriously and aren’t waiting around until late into the season to take action. I have always believed in the huge value of making a strong entrance. So, I’m going to do my best so you can enter (and finish) your best season ever! Expect a special dose of strong golfer's performance tips & insights from me upcoming weeks/months. Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter and follow me over on instagram!

Let’s dive into it by giving every dedicated golfer the boost they really need! Competitive golf requires distance and accuracy on longer shots and pinpoint control on approach shots to the green. Without good balance in the body-mind-swing, it is impossible to achieve any of these objectives on a consistent basis. Additionally, the big misconception that golf fitness is always about power, does sabotage the level of success of many golfers could be having. Generating the clubhead speed necessary to maximise power (without tearing down muscles) requires good balance in the first place.

So let's develop and practice one of the fundamental athletic golf skills:


We’ll do this through a variety of fun key movements that will challenge and improve your balance while also building your confidence. Unlike regular non-golf specific training programs, you’ll actually learn how to integrate a better balance on the course.

All you need is your yoga mat, a club and a block or book. The full 30minute session with me is available via Full Body Freedom. It’s the 5th lesson, so make sure to do the previous training sessions before this one.

I'm looking forward to hearing how much balance (confidence) you’ve built! It would be really sweet if you checked back in with me about that :)

Think about how many on-course shots golfers actually make where the feet are 100% flat… hardly any! For any type of consistency in the swing and during short game and putting, balance is our friend!

You can expect to experience an increased sense of balance, correct muscle imbalances from the one-sided swing, improved mobility and strength, a quieter mind and improved overall fitness level from my online training plans Full Body Freedom and Fundamental Routines.

All top athletes focus on body mobility and balance (in the body and in life) to accelerate performance and avoid injury. My programs will do the same for you. My programs are built on my 10+ years of physical golf work as a coach.

The responsibility I feel to elevate this community is huge. So what I'm about to share already has the potential to fix your swing, improve your score by 5 or completely transform your training journey…

  • Practice, train and walk bare foot. No socks either. This will enhance the development of foot stability, ankle mobility and proprioception. These 3 are huge factors that influence the golf swing!

  • Standing with too much weight on the toes will add unnecessary stress on the knees and take the whole body/movement off alignment. Therefore, balance will become an extra challenge.

  • A great balance program does not exclude exercises in a sitting, (half) kneeling or all four’s position. All of these positions matter a lot. They are necessary for optimal long-term gains.

  • Effective balance isn’t built through swinging a club on unstable surfaces such as a swiss ball.

  • Experiment by closing the eyes during the simple poses. That triggers your proprioception (part of the nervous system) to work harder and therefore become stronger.

  • Body awareness! Use the level of tension of the jaw muscle as an indicator of effectiveness. If you notice the jaws are tight or extremely tense, you compensate.

  • I can’t stress enough how much impact this has but shift your internal dialogue to thoughts of encouragement and calmness. It sounds super simple and it is. Stop declaring you don’t have any balance. Shifting this conversation will for sure provide a better outcome and give you a greater sense of joy.

  • Like anything else to become a master, a lot of practice and patience is involved! Start where you are. For physiological adaptation to occur, it is essential to build up the training load gradually yet not do too little either. Don’t force yourself into positions or balance challenges you are not ready for. If you find yourself falling down and struggling all the time with balance exercises, don’t go all out until you have experienced some success in basic balance exercises. Bruises from falling, dealing with muscle aches 24/7 or always struggling in training are signs of impatience, not toughness.

What are you waiting for? I hope you come join me in practicing balance! I’ve helped thousands of golfers unlock their body’s full potential and I look forward to unlocking yours too!

Check back in with me and tell me all about the impact of the reverse damage of previous injuries or inappropriate training in the past you have experienced.

Keep Strong!

Liesbeth Pauwels

PS. The new season has already started for some but I am currently recruiting dedicated, ambitious international players. Applications ( for The High Performance Program) are in full force. Do you want more of my cues? Are you inspired by my coaching vision and are you ready to play big this year? Or as a PGA teacher, does this fit for one of your students? Just send me a reply to this email. Let's connect! There's an open international application with no strings attached which you can fill out here if you want to explore working with me 1:1.

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