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Most of the golf fitness training doesn’t have a golf fitness function.

Most of the golf fitness training doesn’t have a golf fitness function.



Yes! What I mean is that a lot of what is called golf fitness today, actually doesn’t do what golf fitness training does.

Look. Golf fitness training is not about practicing swings in the gym. It’s even not about ‘core stability training’, I believe...

Otherwise, anyone who trains for core stability and plays golf, would be an athletic golfer? Right?

We often think that golf fitness is all about knowing which power exercise to use.

Or what flexibility method,

in knowing which medicine ball exercises to do,

and what the daily WOD, sets or reps are,

or what secret the pro’s have been using.

And while that can of course all be useful to know ......

the essence and function of golf fitness lies elsewhere.

In knowing how to MOVE the body.

What exactly the body NEEDS.

What exactly to FOCUS on.

So the body: - builds up durability

- stops being compromised when we skip ahead without first establishing fundamental movement - creates quality movement capacity. For the long run. - ends permanent dysfunctions, limitations & compensations - and as a result, allows you to play better, longer and enjoy more golf.

You do not achieve this by 'golfish' fitness training.

You achieve this by taking a different approach.

Today I saw someone post a basic mobility exercise.

Mobility training isn’t a new approach.

The body will not become stronger from that alone for golf.

But the difference was in the intent that was demonstrated.

The effort to maintain postural control and alignment,

the applied force that was placed into the ground.

What do you think happens when the body experiences this:

"What a relief, I finally don't have to be dysfunctional anymore and can rotate better now !"

Exactly: internal control in the gym leading towards better results on the course.

But also:

Less stiffness,

less unnecessary stress that demands a lot of energy, and thus generates greater ranges of motion more effortlesssly.

Most golfers will not (dare to) apply this:

- microscopic attention to quality in foundational athletic movements

Of course: you must also find the right exercises suitable for your body's needs.

You must start with a TPI screening.

And if you have, don’t fade away from them.

Stay absolutely focused on every single detail of form, function and breathing.

One approach has 0 value for your game.

And the other can mean your breakthrough.

With which approach are you going to become a strong golfer?

Do you want help creating a golf fitness approach that delivers transformation? Are you curious about the possibilities I see for you to become stronger without having to work harder? There are new spots open for my private coaching program and I can't wait to see you getting the results you deserve! For more information or application, click HERE.

Coach Liesbeth

B. Kinesiology, University of British Columbia

Titleist Performance Institute certified

SuperSpeed Level 3 certified

Registered Yoga Teacher

Photos: LP Performance Athletes Noa van Beek, Fleur van Beek

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