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High level golf is getting faster & stronger.

Bijgewerkt op: 12 jun. 2021

Dutch national U18 athlete Noa Van Beek in full peak performance mode after a dedicated effective off season training in body & mind. She played the last 27 holes of the first tournament level par.

I always love seeing my High Performance athletes out on tournaments!! It gives me so much energy to see them put into play what we have been training for all winter long.

They demonstrated so much grit during the off season and now they are thriving and feeling confident on the course! Because when you keep searching for ways to change your situation for the better, you stand a chance of finding them. When you stop searching, assuming they can’t be found, you guarantee they won’t.

Coaches, this is actually an excellent opportunity for you:

golf is getting faster, stronger and better. It could be that one of your players needs help in a specific area of their game development in order to reach their goals. That's what I'm here for. It's part of my plan to help you by making your golfers strong, resilient and mobile athletes. The golfers who have been part of my coaching in the past yielded amazing success. Players have become more efficient and powerful, and ultimately more confident in their games.

But I can imagine that you are wondering:

What do you exactly do? What's it like to join the High Performance Program? Let me brake it down for you.

My philosophy and language is based upon the TPI method. I help golfers improve swing kinematics through optimising the mobility-stability kinetic chain.

My training also covers applying yoga-based exercises that address the physical, psychological and physiological demands of both the swing and the game. It’s where they’ll actually understand how to apply yogic philosophy, mindfulness and asanas (practiced on the yoga mat) out on the course and use them to their advantage.

Yet it’s not just stopping at doing the right yoga poses & programming based on their @mytpi screen to release tightness in the body or gain mobility and breathing capacity so swing mechanics can be improved and their longevity can be prolonged.

Guiding motivated players through the physiological & psychological demands of high level/professional golf is an area of my expertise. Making them thrive as a golfer & person is what I really care for.

Mindful movement & diligent yoga practice also develops mental clarity. Most athletes at the elite level are extremely physically fit. An athlete with a focused mind is unstoppable. So those who excel and rise to the top are the ones who have a calm and focused mind and those who can be resilient in the face of adversity.

To begin though, the High Performance Program will develop athletes first, create competitive golfers second and support their passionate pursuit of their dreams and aspirations on a global golf stage.

The ultimate goal of the HPP is to prepare players to excel for one of three pathways:

  • Professional Tours

  • College Golf

  • Top Amateur Golf

My 1:1 coaching is designed to develop the young junior or adolescents into an elite competitive players. All aspects of tournament golf will be covered: Pre and post game workouts, effective training sessions, injury prevention, advanced specific mental skills, seasonal programming, on course nutrition, optimal physical preparation routines, recovery strategy/ training.

And like Tiger once said:

Everything can always be better. This game is fluid. It’s always changing. It’s always evolving.

The game of golf is dynamic and multimodal, it has so many areas that you can always continue to get better at. That’s why the HPP doesn’t just stop at athletic development…it supports personal development through my mentoring. Mental and emotional well being is an extremely important value while working with my athletes.

Who's the HPP for?

Enrolment in the HPP for elite juniors is not based on whs. Instead, it is based on the player’s level of desire and their ability to commit to their pursuit to excel. Enrolment for adult players begins at a 5 whs or lower.

I am used to working inside a high level coaching team and understand that it requires constant communication and integration. That's why I cover a check in with you (swing coaches) to optimise transfer from the gym to the swing.

Our remote coaching sessions ensure consistency & planning flexibility. Coaching sessions are planned on a max bi-weekly basis so golfers have time to implement newly learned skills while working through new assignments and exercises. These will be both big and small changes implemented over time that are going to lead to the biggest transformation.

In short: It is the only individual coaching opportunity I offer and if you feel interested in joining one of the top personal golf performance programs in Europe keep reading and apply below because I decided to open up 3 final spots for short term (6 months) starting in august.

I know that you’re always looking for ways to understand how to get the best out of yourself

So, let’s simply connect. My program is open internationally.

Coach, can you tell me what the investment of the HPP is?

I believe in encouraging you to feel the value of what you are about to receive in the High Performance Program and the long term impact the program delivers through making a decision from your heart rather than your head. Hop on the complimentary call and if we find there's a match, I will give you context to the training frequencies, coaching calls, volume as well as the investment rate.

It all starts by taking inspired action today!

ps. Some of the golfers who start working with me already have a training plan or have done TPI training in the past. Some of them are part of a team that also offers fitness training.

I’ve found that when athletes come to me with an existing training program, every single time we end up discovering lots of ways I can tweak what they already do to make the delivery even better, up to date again, way more efficient and highly streamlined. They finally start to learn how their fitness training connects to their swing & game.

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