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A high level of performance: what you DON'T see.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart.

Neither is pioneering in golf.

There’s a huge amount of effort, time & dedication that goes into pulling a project together, WAY more then people think.

It’s leaning into the sharp edges, and having the courage to fully experiencing them.

There’s so much passion, perseverance & grit as well as a growth open mindset required.

And while I do have so much fun developing a strong & healthy golf community, it's super important to stay aligned. Not get side tracked by what people think or even worse, your inner critic.

And yes, there are sacrifices too. But the way I see it is that you always have the power over choosing what kind of sacrifice you are willing to make AND what kind of label you are giving it. (and that I've learned through one of my favorite books ever: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert)

You have to keep looking forward, taking small steps at a time. I also believe in doing things that align with you, it won’t make things easier, but certainly you’ll experience expansion, fulfilment & joy.

I did an equicoaching session last year that has really helped me in the process of my next steps as an entrepreneur. Maybe I'll share more about that in a separate article.

So if you’re a young coach in the golf industry or an ambitious athlete out there with a drive to make a difference and big dreams, don’t worry and yes, not being it easy is normal. Take your time, have some patience and create that innate belief you can manifest whatever you believe.

“a high level of performance is, in fact, an accretion of mundane acts.”

“To know that you can navigate the wilderness on your own--to know that you can stay true to your beliefs, trust yourself, and survive it--that is true belonging.” Brené Brown: Braving the Wilderness

I am so proud of the golfyoga fitness instructions our @GolfersMagazine team creates every single month! This month I've put together 2 super important tests of the TPI screening: the torso rotation and pelvic rotation tests. Of course I'm sharing my most effective exercises on how to fix those.

And the photos are moments of gratitude & joy captured after the hard work that’s been done behind the scenes. Don’t ever be fooled by the beachyness or easiness in my photos. There’s a total different story behind the scenes. I can tell you there are equal amount of smiles and tears, equal amount of hope and devastating feelings, a lot of high highs and many many low lows. I only hope to inspire you to live an active, outdoor, positive & vibrant lifestyle and ALWYAS stay positive.

Liesbeth Pauwels

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