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How yoga could be the answer to your best golf.

It's ingrained, proven and practiced for decades that technical changes and countless hours of practicing swing or game drills help golfers break 100, 90 or 80 and even 70.

But you know what also helps enormously?

Moving well.

And I know that you know that. Am I right? ;)

Yet, I really don't see enough golfers investing just 30 minutes twice a week in actually improving the body.

Because if you were to do that consistently, it’s massively going to help your game.

Rather than just focusing on golf drills, this is a way to get you into a better place starting this fast approaching new season.

That is why you see a huge difference between golfers who regularly train GolfYoga & Fitness and golfers who just practice on the range.

It doesn’t require flexibility or previous experience to achieve and experience very good results with it.

I am sharing more about that in this podcast interview:

It's this podcast episode of Me And My Golf: How yoga could be the answer to your best golf – Liesbeth Pauwels.

You can listen to it HERE.

I really hope you have found our talk valuable and I’d love to hear what resonated and how it has helped you approach your off-season plan/structure differently? What are you taking away to integrate? And have any misconceptions been cleared up? Just send me a dm via Instagram. I’m seriously interested in hearing back from you. 😃

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