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I struggled with these questions.

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What if you observe how the oldest forms of movement training such as martial arts and yoga fully integrate moving and breathing but modern forms rarely incorporate those same complementary effects?

What if you live in a culture obsessed over exercise and diet, a culture where medicine and exercise science are know for world leading advances, but a culture in a state of severe physical decline, where obesity, heart disease, back pain and injuries are ironically becoming more prevalent? Not to mention the current global situation and the irony of how governments could have invested (more) money into main stream accessible sports and physical intervention /educational programs.

What if you are a strength and conditioning professional with an ethical commitment to prevent athletic injuries and you come to the realisation that the general public is more interested in the magic bullet and main stream fast fashion fitness, a confusion made worse by the differing professional opinions within the fitness industry?

I struggled with these questions because I do this. I see this, I experience this.

That’s why one of my main priorities has always been to continually connect with peers and top professionals in the industry, people who are supportive yet can give me honest feedback, help me expand or deepen my knowledge, who introduce me to systems (not programs or exercises!) and whom I can contemplate movement philosophy, exercise science, sports sociology, life and performance with.

I find it extremely important to be supported by my own team of coaches and experts. Apart from the above explained reason, it also matters because of these deeper underlying intentions and beliefs:

1. I don’t believe a coach doesn’t need guidance or teaching anymore. I see the journey as a coach as never ending, dynamic and forever in process.

2. What I expect of my clients, I also expect of myself. That's why I continue to invest 5-figure amounts into personal coaching and courses on a yearly basis

3. I've learned from experience that having my own coaching team has a direct influence on the results of my programs, the results of my clients go SKY HIGH!

4. Practice what you preach !!! Lead by example.

5. I recharge by learning and studying, I love growth & development, no matter how scary or big or confronting it sometimes may be.

I don’t think I shared this before but I have been with the same coaches for many many years on end. Of course there have been times when our work together wasn’t as frequent but that didn’t mean I ever stopped working with them nor that their teaching stopped giving me insights.

Through this process I can filter and expand my vision... and that’s what you read, see or hear as that’s what I put out into the world.

But what truly gives me the highest fulfilment is giving back by coaching through my 1:1 sessions and the Golf Yoga Retreat. It’s witnessing the implementation that brings about life altering changes. It's reading the stories I receive from clients and golfers who got started with the Fundamental Routines online training course.

You’re always welcome to send me a dm, share your story or questions with me or apply for the High Performance Program waiting list.

And perhaps you're wondering:

I already have a training program, is the High Performance Program right for me?

Yes. Some of my students come into the High Performance Program with a training plan already or have done TPI training in the past. Some of them are part of a selection group that also offers fitness training.

I've found that when athletes come to me with an existing training program, we end up discovering lots of ways we can actually tweak what they already do to make the delivery even better, way more efficient and highly streamlined. They'll also learn how to infuse physical game practices and mental exercises out on the course. They’ll (finally) connect the dots how their movement training actually connects to their swing and game.

Because simply put, amazing golf athletes don't come from just doing the bare minimum. That doesn't mean my program will have them making work harder, longer or more. In fact,

many times it's the opposite. We go for high quality.

Many times clients of mine have already gained that essential- eye opening-aha moment movement coaching cue, in just our 1st session alone that it has already made the impact needed for it to double their return on investment.

In addition,

I am used to working inside a high level coaching team and understand that it requires constant communication and integration. I cover a check in with swing coaches to optimise transfer from the gym to the swing

My holistic coaching approach helps golfers get out of crisis mode and into thriving mode on and off the course.

Now the High Performance Program is 100% personal, 100% tailor made and a 100% remote. Yup all of these function together amazingly! That also means it’s open to golfers world wide. YAY!

You can claim a spot on the waiting list for the HPP HERE

Talk soon :)


Questions adapted from Movement - Gray Cook

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