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Live longer: why we need to adapt Blue Zones strategies now!

Metabolism slows down 90% after 30 minutes of sitting. And after 2 hours, good cholesterol drops 20%. Just getting up for 5 minutes is going to get things going again. Yes, it's that simple that it even is ridiculously easy. And no this isn't just another home workout!

Every body is designed, hard-wired and made to move. Not every mind-conditioning is programmed to move the body. What helps is to get out of the head and focus the attention onto the body. I have to remind myself too these days to not over complicate or over think, but to just begin moving. It’s not about diving deep into intense crossfit type training that will enhance your immune system anyway now. It's not about those home-workouts that make you sore for days on or complicated WOD's. It's not about youtube celebrity workouts that only focus on aesthetics and don't have any reference of coaching, nor golf background. Why? Because longer recovery time, injuries, a stressed nervous system, lack of proper alignment & breathing, more stress on the body system all lead to a lower and suppressed immuun system. Basically, as much as appreciate your enthusiasm for your new big sports goals, unless you're a professional athlete, now is not the time to train for that marathon or lose that 15kg of excess weight by dieting and excessive exercise.

Instead, now is the time to kickstart your longevity and health. It’s about making simple movement a priority. Daily movement that supports the nervous system and will result in feeling energised, calm, joyful, aware and focused.

Did you know studies from the Blue zones suggest that the people who live the longest are not the ones who do the most exercise but rather the ones who move the most. Taking this into our current situation & crisis, it's as easy as getting out of your couch every single hour. As Japanese centenarians show us, all you need is to add movement to your day. Perhaps even combine any kind of physical movement or mental task with an awareness to your breath.

Are you currently making golf swings at home with weights or elastic bands to improve your swing rotation? Planning on making golf swings on top off bosu’s or Swiss balls once you return to the gym in an effort to hit longer drives? Or even struggling with back pain after a swing practice in your backyard? Sounds familiar? This is something you have to read if you are dedicated to improve your scores drastically without having the risks of injuries upon returning to play.

I've shared a practical body & mind toolkit for golfers at the beginning of "Corona Times". Now, since so many of you asked, I'm sharing 7 essential tools that you need at home to stay active, where to get it from, because they will help you successfully overcome our #stayathome #socialisolation #quarantaine era. And trust me, I've invested thousands and countless hours on figuring out what is the best, not only for my personal use but especially for my athletes. So I'm providing you a smooth shortcut that saves you a ton of money and time!

If you are ambitious and are driven to make the most out of this situation and return to your golf game with lower scores than you left it with, you have to invest now more then ever. This is for you:

1. Elastic mini bands

I'm a huge advocate for muscle activation exercises. Why? Because with the correct exercises for your needs, aligned and applied correctly, mini bands can benefit muscle strength, mobility, stability and muscle conditioning. I use Perform Better mini bands. Use the promo code de promo code ‘titleist_10’ to receive 10% discount on all materials over at, one of my own & TPI's suppliers!

2. Foam roller

I'm here to make foam rolling easy for you. That's why I've already explained in great detail everything there is to know about foam rolling in this article.

3. Yoga mat

My number one mat is the The Reversible Mat 5mm from Lululemon. I love that even during sweaty training sessions, I still experience a 100% grip and don't slip at all. (And I can tell you, I sweat a lot when I move!) A yoga mat is the absolute basis for movement. I don't get anywhere without a yoga mat. My yoga mat lies standard in the living room, I stand on it in the morning and in the evening to stretch, foam roll, breathe, and do my exercises.

4. Anti- text neck & netflix spine

Do these exercises on an hourly basis. Get out of the position you're in. Set a timer for 1 minute per exercise. Just do it.

By Golfers Magazine, 2016. Photography Corne van der Stelt

5. Your support system

Now, do you find it more difficult to continue moving in these "uncertain" times? I've talked to many golfers over the past weeks who also experience the same and have neglected their physical training actually. But it's okay because every day is a new day to begin.

I need and want you to invest your time wisely during this crisis. That’s why I’m offering all of you free access to my weekly LIVE GOLFYOGA TPI sessions. You don’t need to have any previous experience. Join us every Thursday evening 8 pm CET through April. It's so much fun too!!

In these 60 minute sessions I guide you through powerful movement exercises that will help you: 

1. Avoid stiffness 

2. Strengthen your golf muscles & movements 

3. Calm the mind 

4. Relieve back pain

6. Working from home?

Invest in an ergonomic chair. Be moved by you again and make sure you can play full out again once upon returning to play.

7. Stamina Pro

Recover like the pro's? I use this powerful too for my clients & myself.

The vision of an even more healthy, strong & resilient golf community that is going to evolve through this challenging time is pulling me forward. The most essential components remain breathing & movement. This will bring your awareness in line with your body, out of your head. Instead of allowing our mind to be carried away by all the worries & fears. I wish you strength & health!

Liesbeth Pauwels

B. Kinesiology, University of British Columbia

Titleist Performance Institute certified

Registered Yoga Teacher

* This is a non-sponsored article. Some of the products are supporters of the golf yoga retreat. This article is inspired by the book "Ikigai" by Hector Garcia & Francesc Miralles.

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