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My in season training advice for top amateurs and pro's.

Bijgewerkt op: 1 mei 2021

IN SEASON training and programming.

and FYI: this isn’t an article full of "best exercises to do during the tournament season".

Nope, it goes much further than that.

We connect the dots between body mind and game.

In season training is not the same for every high level amateur or pro.

but it boils down to this:

drop the challenges,

drop the out-of-comfort zone exercises,

drop the max rep lifts,

let go of overly complex high volume movements.

don’t get me wrong,

there’s definitely a time and place that this type of programming renders amazing benefits.

but for most players:

it’s not during the in season.

My golden piece of advice would be this:

Focus on basic lifts and movements which you have already mastered during the off season, make fun a priority, it's about maintenance + injury / burn out prevention + optimal health + stress reduction and have the possibility to vary sessions depending on how the body feels.

For example:

If you've never done kettlebell swings in the off season, don't go all nuts in doing them now when tournaments are in full force.

Because here's the deal:

You have to know how your body reacts to certain type of movements/volumes/stresses.

If a lower WAGR ranking or big prize money is on the line:

you simply can't wing it. You're not going to wing it with your swing technique on the first nine either if you never have done it in practice, right?!

You don't have that kind of luxury anymore.

Your performance is build upon trusted techniques, methods and a personal detailed approach instead.

That's why this is a key ingredient for successful in season programming:

Listen to your body.

Understand your body.

And can you honestly say the moment you walk onto that first tee:

“I have full confidence over my body’s athletic abilities and I trust in my powerful body, I know what my body is capable of right now.”

And if a warm up didn't feel like usual, do you know what you should do?

Have you prepared a plan?

"What am I going to do if I can't get into my ideal physical feeling on the morning of the tournament or can't maintain that feeling?"

Which brings me to:

Do the exercises and programming that make YOU feel ready, confident, ready to explode, connected to your joy.

Be committed to the training process, have trust in it! If there’s no full commitment, it won’t free you to excel. Even if you are doing the world’s best program, if there’s an inch of doubt or hesitation present that lingers on, it won’t yield the incredible results you deserve.

My point is:

In season training programming is not the same for every golfer. Make sure you work together with a coach that understands the high in season physical and mental demands and can help you translate those into training sessions that bring out the absolute BEST in you during tournaments!

Ultimately, you are the only one who can feel and sense that psychological & physiological state that fits 100% with your unique personality, body & game.

Do you have doubts about your in season training? What would help you play at your best? Send me an email to or dm via instagram, I’ll listen and provide you my advice.

I know you can achieve the highest levels of excellence this season through a high quality focus and personalised team approach!! Go out there and make it happen, put massive positive energy, actions and enthusiasm behind your vision!!

Still reading? It means that you don’t settle for just getting by this have a desire to reach greater potential. Here’s your chance to leave average performances behind: the doors to my waiting list for the High Performance Program are now open. You can take the first step (link in bio) & book your complimentary call there. Talk soon 💚

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