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My personal journey with training: I made a big shift in priorities.

I typically get my own training done early in the morning. Since last year, I am super diligent & serious about my daily movement sessions.

My days are not the same if I don’t get my lifting or yoga session done in the morning. They help me not only feel energised but also add focus, joy, extra physical capacity & mental resiliency to my day. And wow I'm enjoying the benefits even moren when I'm out for 18 holes!!

At the end of the day, I go through another 40 minutes of light mobility work or one of my yoga routines. My online training program works perfect for that.

I am very adamant about keeping these 2 movement sessions into my busy coaching & entrepreneur lifestyle.

I learned the hard way….

As a coach it’s EASY to fill up every waking hour helping others. That beautiful situation comes along with the fact that in turn it’s super EASY to train/focus on everyone BUT YOURSELF. (if you're a coach... you know this is so true!)

It took me a while to fully hone in and prioritise my own training. I realised so many things along the way which I’m grateful for, don’t get me wrong. It also took me sometime to accept the fact that there have been times I neglected my own training/body. I did a lot of inner work & meditation to put to rest the self blame too. Now, I know I did the best I could at that moment in time. It's not that I ever stopped training. But it was... well, kinda very inconsistent, sometimes too much or too little and other times quite incoherent with what my body (and nervous system) needed at that time and there have been moments I did not enjoy training.

I strongly believe in practicing what you preach. And that's why I had an extremely challenging time to accept the fact that my own training wasn't flourishing.

Times have changed and I used this adversity to learn and grow from it. It made me way more compassionate towards myself (and others). I also found more gratitude towards my body's capability to bounce back super strong after set backs.

Right now, consistency is my priority. That doesn't mean I lift heavy every single day though. My training could also focus on recovery or on meditation in movement...mindful & intentional movement is such an uplifter and mood booster too.

And let's take out the 2 of the biggest misconception in the fitness industry:

Just because someone is a coach (or trainer) it doesn’t mean:

they automatically have that deep intrinsic motivation to train, years on end.

their body is mechanically perfect and always in balance.

But thank god there are qualified, authentic & experienced coaches who can help us with that (I might know of someone😌)

Bonus myth:

A great coach isn’t necessarily a top performing athlete and vice versa.

I try to hop on a couple of yoga classes by my favourite teachers too at times. And make sure I have regular check ins with my own coach.

My biggest motivations to train right now are mental health, staying focused and feeling GOOD from the inside out.

Just because I have been training myself my whole life, doesn’t mean I’m done with improving and getting stronger. Like I shared earlier, I've learned so much from my personal journey with strength & conditioning. It's because challenges like these we grow as a person... if we decide to bring attention to ongoing learning instead of blaming/justifying/making excuses/giving up.

I'm fast approaching 20K hours of coaching done over the past decade. In my High Performance Program I help you achieve structure & effective training sessions. It's one of the many things my expertise lies in. You also receive peer mentoring & a decade of professional experience along with that :)

My only exclusive 1:1 coaching program is anything but just regular personal training. But I’m not going to convince you. You have to want this for yourself.

Ready to brave the wilderness of following your dreams? Take action and apply here The chance to hop onto my high performance program in 2021 and start winning in life & championships is coming to an end soon.

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