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Australian Podcast - Leading European Golf, Strength, Mindset & Movement Coach

"There is still only a small percentage of golfers who actively participate in golf specific training, is it ever to late to start?"

This is what Ross asks.

We are having a great conversation and it's such a fantastic opportunity to talk with one of Australian's leading golf podcasts!

In our conversation we also discuss:

- How I see golf fitness has evolved in the golf industry,

and the worlds still needed to gain

- What you golfers can start doing right now

- If golfers have to practice more mobility or strength,

and one of the biggest opportunities golfers are missing out on due to one big misconception

- What we can learn from world class innovative athletes like Bryson DeChambeau

- Why I needed to implement yoga in my own life

- What mindset strategies I implement in my programs

And much much more.

"Whatever your abilities right now there is always a next step you can take that will start increasing your health & performance."

The My Love Of Golf Podcast is one of my favorites: I've been enjoying all of the different stories and variety of golf passions that are shared on the podcast. ⁠ I'm very grateful to have enjoyed a more depth authentic conversation with likeminded community leaders all the way from Australia.

Are you going to listen? The link to the podcast is here.

Or click the image below to tune in through Spotify.


Such a great opportunity to catch up with and learn about one of Europes pioneering Golf Movement & Strength experts Liesbeth Pauwels.

Some great messages in this story, most importantly the value of maintaining your condition for your best golf, the power that mindset plays in helping you achieve that and how yoga is super beneficial for us golfers.

Liesbeth also has a super positive insight into how we can all benefit from the work US Open champ Bryson is doing.

Love these chats.

Ross Flannigan

"Train your body and mind for performance on the golf course. We catch up with the leading golf specific movement, strength and mindset coach in Europe, Liesbeth Pauwels. After an early career as an elite golfer, Liesbeth learnt the importance of training and the value she could bring to golfers of Europe. Now one of Europe's leading coached in the field we had the pleasure of catching up to chat all things career, strength, movement, mindset and her thoughts on some of the game leading players."


The My Love Of Golf Podcast commenced in 2018 when golf business owner Ross Flannigan. A new Australian podcast where we talk to a variety of people about their love of golf and how the game fits into their life. Sportspeople, business people and content creators all share their passion and experience with the game and the backstories of their life.

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