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Podcast with Dutch National team golfers Noa van Beek & Anne-Sterre den Dunnen.

Bijgewerkt op: 26 jan. 2023

“There is an opportunity here to embrace the physical and mental development fully and integrate it into not just the programs but also the (financial) budgeting, which is going to help grow the game even further.” Is what I said to our host Douglas Maida of the World Of Golf Podcast when he asked me what I wished I could see develop in The Netherlands.

I completely agree with our host that this is one of the most informative podcasts that you will listen to this year on golf in the Netherlands, the growth of its teaching and training personnel, and development of elite junior players.

Tune in and listen to this podcast from World Of Golf together with my coachee Noa Van Beek & her teammate Anne-Sterre Den Dunnen. This was my favourite podcast recording ever because I loved listening to their stories!! Even though we (Noa van Beek and I) talk to each other on almost a daily basis, I found it very unique to hear these driven young (and super wise!) girls talk like they do on the show. I know you will love listening to them as much as I did.

The rise of (women’s) golf in The Netherlands and elite junior golf training is such an important discussion to have so thank you to Douglas Maida for inviting us to the podcast.

My platform is full of articles regarding these topics if you want to dive into it more too.

Join us as we discuss Golf in the Netherlands and the development of Elite Athletes.

An another note: Time flies when you’re having fun and are on a mission to change the world of golf…looks like I’ve been living in The Netherlands since 2012. In the podcast I shared I only lived here for 6-7 years ;)

The new school year has (nearly) started and there are 2 spots open to the 1:1 High Performance Program starting in October! That means a full year of professional coaching with personal support & huge growth could be ahead for your driven junior with big (international) dreams. You’re welcome to connect and book your call via

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