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Swing patterns developed around physical limitations. How you can prevent this.

With professional golfers, almost 80% of the injuries come from overuse. Injuries in amateur golfers can be caused by overuse but in most cases, they occur due to swing patterns developed around physical limitations. As a result, they over stress areas of the body and create further injury to pre-existing conditions. According to TPI, amateurs tend to have injuries in the lower back and elbows due to poor technique and dysfunctional movement patterns.

Getting rid of dysfunctional movement patterns that decreases overuse injuries significantly is something I can help you with through my online training course Fundamental Routines.

However, while I’m dedicated to develop and create a strong healthy golf community, this does not disregard my philosophy of personalisation. Every body is different. Every situation is unique.

There’s nuance to an individualised tailor made training program where the exercises are set up in exactly the right moment, with the intensity and frequency matched to the golfer's goals. Something that could make the difference between winning or losing that crucial putt.

There’s accountability: weekly check ins where I deliver my personal feedback so that progress is monitored. But even more so, the possibility to stretch even further than one would normally do without honest supportive mentoring… to take radical leaps that have life-lasting impact and benefits.

And so before the season really gets underway, I wanted to let you know first handedly that my high performance coaching program is now open for applications for (aspiring) single handicap, scratch or ambitious pro's who want to start winning in life and in championships. For those of any age who want to see their scores dropping and their inner confidence rising while doubling down on the quality of their life.

Is this something you resonate with? I’m offering a free complimentary evaluation call to check in with your plan.

In our call, I will discuss with you:

  • What opportunities I see for you to immediately be able to go much further with your current physical condition and situation

  • Which routines are going to give you that next level advantage in championships (and in life!)

  • What strategies I have for you to achieve your ambitious golf goals in less time this year, without compromising your swing or game

  • How I see you’re able to stretch your potential

  • How I can help you enjoy and achieve continuous successful rounds that don't deplete the body

If you feel inspired to take action, I look forward to a response and we will schedule our call. There are only 3 spots, because it's 1-on-1. You can simply fill out this form if you are interested. Talk soon :)

PS. Je kunt mij ook altijd in het NEDERLANDS benaderen hoor. Onze community mag dan wel wereldwijd zijn maar twijfel niet of je mij in het Nederlands kunt berichten ;)

Keep Strong!

Liesbeth Pauwels

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