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This transition will define yards & longevity: 5 action steps.

It can be quite daunting. Beyond the excitement of retuning back to play or compete after such a long time. After having practiced in your backyard hitting into a net, For what feels like forever. And in other cases, (my Dutchies & Flemish friends) no tournaments, only 9 holes allowed because the course is too busy. And although you’re excited to play tournaments again, to be able to just go out and play, deep down, in the back of your mind, there’s hesitation, there’s nervousness.

Because: What if I don’t get the ROI from all my coaching lessons on Skillest, from all the gadgets I bought to practice with and all the times I putted in between those zoom calls ?

And: How am I going to be able to sustain a 36 hole tournament if I haven’t played 18 holes for over half a year?

But: My back has not been getting any better from my non ergonomically at-home desk, so I’m quite afraid it’s simply going to get worse from now on, yet I really need to go out and play because it’s so necessary for my mindset and to be able to disconnect from work & family?

So: What if I told you there’s an effective way to help you bring things into perspective and get instant greater fulfilment and results out if it?

It’s nothing fancy, It’s not some sort of hack,

It's not about working harder. Yet it’s guaranteed to work.

The advice I want to give you in this post is:

  1. make sure that you’re setting the right goals, asking yourself the right questions and understand that:



  4. Listen to this vlog.

  5. Make sure to have someone that provides you with accountability and mentoring .

I hope you turn these 5 advices into actionable steps.

Those golfers who take into account that THIS transition is an important element that needs attention, coaching and preparation... Those are the ones who win in life & tournaments. They are going to gain yards & longevity!!

If the current training regime you're in, doesn't include this specific angle, it's going to translate in: - more back pain, greater frustration, loss of distance & accuracy, inconsistent scoring, increase in overuse injuries, lack of energy and overall feeling of depletion and inability to play from a state of confidence.

Providing the know-how along with those practical applicable (TPI) exercises & routines and insights to help golfers transition through this period is what I help my clients with in the 1:1 high performance program.

We focus on a smooth transition that supports the body yes, but my clients also thrive on the course!

Now if you’re still reading, that means something. I mean you're still here. Here. You still read along. That is no coincidence. You are captivated. Shall we talk about that? About what interests you about my message and why? What you want and don't want with that? What is your desire to achieve and how you feel that resistance moving into the season?

There are 3 spots for The High Performance Program in May until August. Starting in May.

1:1 coaching.

From anywhere in the world. Capacity is limited, I’m welcoming only 3 new golfers into the stable. I don’t want you to settle. Will we make it happen? ⁠ Book your call now to make sure we talk to each other this week. ⁠ You can do this via this link

I’m offering a free complimentary evaluation call to check in. Even if you hesitate if this is something for you or are already set on taking this new challenge, let's plan our call.

Now, before you’re call is booked you’ll find my questionnaire that helps you get clarity on the underlying blockages that need to be tackled in order to bring your full potential into realisation. Which is the first step in creating change. It also helps me to prepare our call so we can make it as effective as possible. Because in the end, I want you leaving feeling inspired to take action. No matter the outcome.

Oh, and May will most likely be the final option to onboard with me in 2021. It's an investment that doesn't compare to regular hourly personal training sessions. That's right. My 1:1 clients don't compare on price, but on what really matters: life & game - changing transformation. It is priceless. I better be clear.

And those kinds of transformations...are part of my life’s work.

Ready to take action but prefer a different approach? I've got you covered with the online training course Fundamental Routines.

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