Returning to play after lockdown: this is what you need to know.

This is for all golfers returning back to the course after lockdown.

These easy applicable and super practical adjustments will not only benefit your game (read: hit longer drives, focused puts, stable short game and less frustration) but also prevent overuse injuries from occurring (we all know those lower back aches are dying to return if we don’t pay attention)

  1. Ease it! Build up frequency, holes and range sessions very gradually and slowly. READ MORE

  2. H2O. Hydrate with water (and water only) every hole. READ MORE

  3. Get the body moving before you get swinging. No physical warming up on the range is so not cool anymore. READ MORE

  4. Train with your coach to get stronger, don’t carry your bag on the course to get stronger. Pushing a cart is lit. READ MORE

  5. Relax, take a breath. Expect that you’ll need a couple of days/weeks to get back into “that feeling”. Focus on having fun instead of scores. Let the success be defined by how much fun you’re having now that the course is open again. READ MORE

Enjoy the new beginning of the golf season!

Coach Liesbeth

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