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Tiger Woods on his latest training sessions and what we can implement from it.

"It's awful: a lot of sweating, a lot of lactate, a couple of throw up sessions in there." Tiger Woods (

Front runner & fitness advocate for our sport and of course one of the greatest of all time. However, I urge all motivated amateur golfers to look at this from a different perspective (and/or create team of @mytpi specialists around you who understand your needs & that of your body) and not just copy this. What he is doing is using physical training to develop "mental toughness" but this is not the only way to develop mental toughness.


As you might know my coaching philosophy and method is greatly inspired by @mytpi advisory board members @jasonglasslab . I was fortunate to learn from his coaching and get mentored while I was still studying at @universityofbc . You can read more about this here, or here.

And I wanted to share this following truth bomb with you from Jason himself. It’s something I stand by a 100%.


“There is a time and place to test your mental toughness and work capacity. 90% of your training for golf should leave you feeling better and more effective, not less!! It is a culmination of consistent practice of moving with the intent to better ones self that leads to better physical performance. Not just in the gym but all aspects of your life! Golf performance doesn’t end when you leave the gym and it doesn’t begin when you enter it!”


During my one one one remote coaching program I teach you this: create fantastic physical performance & mental resilience that translates to the course and in all aspects of your life.

Especially when you aren’t convinced yet this is possible for you, I’m your mentor and coach and I’m here for you.

What value is it to you to start feeling better on and off the course?

To score a session with me to learn more about your new possibilities check this link or email me directly at


Liesbeth Pauwels

B. Kinesiology, University of British Columbia

Titleist Performance Institute certified

SuperSpeed Level 3 certified

Registered Yoga Teacher

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