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VIDEO: 4 pro strategies no one ever talks about.

By far the most essential piece of advice I can give to you right now is in this video. They are 4 pro tips, on how to make a warming up effective, that actually no one ever talks about but that many golfers are missing out on. I use this same approach in my coaching method, workshops, local club trainings and national/ international events such as the KLM Open. And now I'm sharing it here with you.

A warm up routine that is easy to apply and does not destroy the swing but only enhances it. No complicated exercises but only the most effective dynamic movements that have already been done by over 5000 golfers!

I’m giving this advice away for free simply because I'm so passionate about a healthy golf community. I do however completely understand where the lack of integration can come from...we never see the pro’s doing it and it’s never been a part of the golf culture. But things are changing rapidly.

I know you (want to) take responsibility for your game by cultivating a resilient body. That’s something you should be really proud of! Not many golfers actually do this. It's smart to integrate a warming up.

This means you are among the few that help drive the change in golf culture. We are moving away from 100% technique based golfing towards approaching the full body-mind-game strategy, which you can easily already notice on the LPGA & PGA tours. By 2025 all amateur golfers will have followed.

In fact, we're currently in the process of implementing our warming up routine as a research based intervention program here in The Netherlands which is supported by the Dutch National Golf Federation that will be peer reviewed. How cool is that!

Did you know my online training course Fundamental Routines includes the warming up poster and all of the exercises? There are 8 other physical routines that increase mobility which are specifically targeted at the areas where golfers need it the most.

So, if you were still doubting about this course, this is your sign. Grab hold of it today because now is the perfect timing to get ready for a booming golf season.

Keep Strong!

Liesbeth Pauwels

Photography: Ralph Reniers

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