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Want to swing faster and increase club head speed?

“Making air swings with 2 or more clubs”

Many golfers still get instructed to do this and I have to tell you that this is actually one of the biggest golf fitness mistakes that comes with a high risk for injuries, especially if done as a warm up.

And I totally get that it might feel like the body is gaining power or that the muscles are getting warm. But let me share with you the latest science:

Want to run faster?

Sprint downhill.

Want to run slower?

Sprint uphill.

Want to swing faster and increase club head speed?

Swing lighter.

And do a dynamic warm up that doesn’t start with making a swing (available on the Fundamental Routines).

Want to swing slower and slow down rotational velocities?

Want to increase the risk of injuries?

Swing with 2 clubs or heavy weights.

Then do it as a warm up.

Improving power, adding distance and increasing clubhead speed for golf does not come from making air swings on unstable surfaces (such as a bosu) either.

Now, the opposite of swinging 2 or more clubs at the same time is called overspeed training. And overspeed training specifically adapted to swinging sports includes optimal weights of the clubs (such as SuperSpeed) so it doesn’t negatively affect energy transfer, lose lower body interaction & ground forces and doesn’t slow down rotational velocities.

As a golf performance coach, my job includes tailoring programs and exercises towards the specific situation, needs and goals of my athletes and that of their body. I will also go over the details and nuances regarding training principles. I hope you feel confident to reach out to your golf fitness coach if you ever have questions around training principles or programming.

Okayy so can we all agree now on no more swings with more than 1 club from 2022 onwards 😅🥲

I can imagine there are still tons of factors you have doubts about or are questioning with regards to golf fitness. Maybe there are things you just aren't sure about or would like to have more answers too. You're welcome to drop anything in a response via a instagram dm. I'll be dedicating tons of new inspiring educational content to this season because I want to help you play your best season ever!

My online training plans:

Keep Strong!

Liesbeth Pauwels

Ps. There is only one way if you’d like to receive personal coaching, support and mentoring in 2022. And that’s through the High Performance Program. There's an open international application with no strings attached which you can fill out here if you want to explore working with me 1:1.

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