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Will cardio training boost your best golf performance?

Is (more) cardio training necessary for better golf results?

My classmates in school used to tell me that golf wasn't a sport.

I now see that’s because they were only thinking about the brisk-walking-for-three-to-five-hours-kinda element of the game.

Yes, we need a base level of endurance (conditioning) for walking hours up and down the hills. And during 18 holes, the walking is also combined with peak bursts of rotational power: the golf swing.

Now 10+ years and thousands of physical assessments later, one of the most common misconceptions that I've heard is about cardio training.

Sport-minded golfers that have been golfing for years should train more like sprinters, not like marathon runners.

While cardio training is fantastic for general health, adding more long conditioning runs simply won't translate into the same multidimensional golf performance benefits, such as more energy, more focus and gaining power and momentum on the back nine.

What I’m trying to say is that the time and energy spent on 10K runs could actually not be transferable into your best results.

I hear you’re wondering: ‘if no (extra) cardio training is needed, then how should I train?’

Start with the Fundamental Routines and Full Body Freedom.

Additionally, you could integrate a 15minute power window into your workout. I’m talking about doing exercises such as kettlebell swings, sprints, jump rope, SuperSpeed, sled work, landmine drills or farmer walks.

I can only imagine that some or perhaps all of the above exercises are not available or unrealistic for you to integrate right now. Exercises like these are intended alongside a qualified professional.

But we've got you covered! My online on demand programs include a high intensity session.

Simply practice my sessions with the best attention to quality and over time, you’ll notice drastic improvements in breathing, heart rate and movement control… which is exactly what you want coming down the stretch.

You're always just one click, one breath, one training away:

Keep Strong!

Liesbeth Pauwels

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