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Leaders in the golf community,

PGA club professionals,

academy coaches,

golf team managers,

locally or nationally,

This one is for you.

Because as passionate and skilled as you are,

you have the potential & opportunity to create a much much bigger rippling effect of positive changes within

1) your community and 2) the on course performance of your community.

With the right education on the warming up routine,

and through normalising the WU within/on your field,

Through delivering a safe easy effective movement WU,

you’ll provide massive value,

This is something that will not only attract new golfers into your community,

But especially keep the regulars returning forever (check why on my previous post).

Even just inspiring your community about the advantages from doing a WU can have a snowball effect the way you are making an impact and leaving a legacy.

This proactive innovative leadership approach also holds for advocating and promoting @mytpi physical training in support of longevity, injury prevention and maximising on course performance.

Additionally, associating fitness and health activities with golf is one of the strategies successful golf communities will be doing more of over the next decade.

Actually, it’s more than just associating warming up, physical training or yoga activities that will propel clubs forward.

It requires actively promoting, inviting and providing those activities or opportunities.

While social activities formed the identity of the regular country club:

golf fitness and golfyoga will be the overarching characteristic of future golfers and club members….

At least, that is if club leaders, teaching professionals and policy makers begin to embrace and welcome this new golf culture.

The best thing though,

Is setting an example yourself.

My point is:

There is a huge opportunity for you!

Ehlert et al. (2019) @alexehlert_phd stated that

“golfers who report knowing how to properly warm-up seem more likely to follow through and warm-up regularly.

Given this information, educational sessions or seminars could be used to improve the warm-up behaviours of recreational golfers moving forward.”

Now that the world has gone virtual, no matter where you are in the world, you can have access to my consulting and speaking engagements.

Over the past decade I’ve been welcomed at the most beautiful locations, enjoyed connecting with all kinds and types of golfers (including many PGA teachers) and was always amazed by superb organised events.

This year, I am continuing to offer educational discussions, skill sessions, consulting, live clinics, mentoring and coaching.

Let’s go season 2022 💫🔥

Send your enquiry to and let’s make it happen.

There still are a few opportunities in my schedule for clinics or presentations this season.

MT days, tournaments, charity events, business club days, you name it... anything like these are perfect to treat and provide massive impact to your participants with an LP golf performance clinic.

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