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Low score secret revealed.

Carrying a 15kg golf bag for 18 holes is not golf fitness. I repeat, It’s not making the body stronger. And I’ve been there... At the age of 14, I really believed walking 36 holes while carrying was cool & helpful for hitting longer drives. And I wish somebody had told me before my shoulder-turn started being so painful. Carrying damages the swing and the spine (*Gosheger G et Al. 2003). During the time span of 3-5 hours, it’s the combination of carrying AND +/- 80 times of flexion + side bending motions in the lumbar vertebrae (lower back) from putting the bag down and picking it up, why it’s classified as disastrous. It doesn’t have anything to do with training "mental toughness". It’s just one of the most old-fashioned ways to ruin a lot of spines, swings and low scores Oh, and fitness for golf is not something you do while golfing on the course. Maximising our physical capacity, like speed and energy levels for them to transfer into low scores, is really done in the gym or on the yoga mat.

Come move with me, and thousands of other serious golfers. Experience Full Body Freedom today. The daily Fundamental Routines will take you places.

You're always just one click, one breath, one training away:

Keep Strong!

Liesbeth Pauwels

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