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Major champion applies holistic approach.

What a historical and inspirational win: @philmickelson truly is the embodiment of a strong & resilient golfer.🏆

He is a fantastic example of how effective movement training can add yards and years to your game.

Phil Mickelson shifted away from a 100% technique based approach towards one that was holistic. And this strategy is something you can apply too!

A couple of my clients texted me this weekend saying how they could clearly observe that he brings so much focus to his breath in his pre shot routine. They got excited to see a major champion applying the same approach they are practicing right now.

I certainly got goosebumps watching him play from a state of complete focus and exhibiting that optimal balance between intensity & relaxation. Because just as being calm is a requirement for entering 'the zone', so is feeling excitement and maintaining a level of intensity. It was so beautiful! For me this means a lot you I said in the beginning: he embodies the full body mind game approach. A vision I believe in and programming method I apply and seeing a major champion doing exactly that.

Mickelson also practices meditation. He shares via Golf Digest:

“I’m trying to use my mind like a muscle and just expand it because as I’ve gotten older, it’s been more difficult for me to maintain a sharp focus, a good visualisation and see the shot.”

His physical training is based upon the @mytpi philosophy:

Identifying and addressing physical limitations to help develop more durable golfers who are able to enjoy the game at a higher level for a longer period of time.

A big congrats to my colleagues over at Titleist Performance Institute who are a part of his success. Actually, 19 of the last 20 major championships were won by players advised by a TPI Certified Expert.

And there's more: this whole season we’ve been fortunate to witness the rise/return of champions like Lydia Ko, Richard Bland, Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth and Bryson DeChambeau.

I noticed a common character trait amongst all of their wins:

they exhibited greater mental resiliency and physical strength than anyone else on the field. You could say that they kept their vision despite setbacks & trusted the process. They kept taking action because deep down they believed that the good tings would arrive sooner or later.

If you resonate with this holistic yet highly specific strategy and want to continue to develop yourself as a golfer, consider starting with my online golfyoga fitness course Fundamental Routines.

If you prefer a highly personalised approach and are ready to take it to the next level, the 1:1 High Performance Program is your stepping stone to winning in life and championships. This program is also open to collegiate & Symetra / LET access athletes.

We this win confirms once more: we are currently moving away from a very narrowed 100% technique based golf performance training towards approaching the full body-mind-game strategy. It's something that is already implemented on the LPGA and PGA tours.

You are falling behind if this approach doesn't belong to you yet or if it's currently part of your plan but doesn't include personalised coaching & mentoring. But it's not too late!!!

Whatever your goal is or whatever doubts you might still have, make sure you take that needed inspired action. You deserve it!!

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