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For female golfers looking to gain confidence & teaching pro's working with them.

I’m falling apart.

On the range,

Before the first tee shot.

It’s what she shared with me.

And I know she’s not alone.

Because it’s a story many female golfers have told me over the past +10 years.

In a -recreative- setting still dominated by men,

It’s not always as straight forward, easy or comfortable for female golfers.

Many of us already feel conscious about our body in a day to day setting,

For some that feeling intensifies in a gym setting or yoga class,

For others (including myself), we’re perfectly fine with it,

But for most, it’s at an all time high on the course!

Golf is challenging enough as is.

Make it easy on yourself and above all comfortable.

Doing fitness or yoga moves on the driving range is stressful for many.

In an amateur field, tons of female golfers find value in a sense of belonging, friendships and a nurturing environment.

And the nurturing environment begins internally. It starts by ceasing to cause harm to ourselves.

To stop doing exercises on the range that, if we’re being really honest with ourselves, don’t make us feel good (aka lower our confidence) and take them to the locker room instead.

One practical application for example would be to take your post round stretches to the locker room immediately after your round (or golf lesson). Of course this also applies to warming up routines and strategies for injury prevention and optimising golf performance.

Doing exercises with the aim of relaxation, recovery or focus makes absolutely no sense if you are in an environment where you do not feel safe or comfortable.

No teaching pro should ever make you do ‘golf enhancing yoga or fitness exercises’ on the range without your consent.

And it's also true for male golfers:

Yoga stretches,

Fitness Exercises,

performed on the range,

don’t automatically increase their effectiveness because they are done on the range.

In fact, they could actually result in the complete opposite,

Especially at recreative levels.

I come back to one of the principles that's rooted in my golfyoga-fitness method:

- it (golfyoga-fitness) doesn't mean yoga or fitness should be done in a golf setting.

Don't get me wrong, there's also so much potential once an experienced and registered coach guides a group golfers through a dynamic golf warming up. This is something I have done for so many times and it requires not just knowledge of golfing exercises but a high level of -human- skills like communication, emotional intelligence, group dynamics, space holding and safety. And yes, in some cases, it's super easy or the most logic to provide golfyoga-fitness clinics on or nearby the range. When that's the case, there is an opportunity for club leaders and teaching professionals to take responsibility and prioritise safety.

My message:

Please let go of the belief that in order to get the benefit out of golfyoga or golffitness, or to be a “good golfer” you should be doing golfyoga-fitness exercises on the range!

Oh and also remember that what you see on my social is always a suggestion. They are never the means to an end.

Share this with your friend(s) on social.

Let’s spread the message.

It’s an important one if we’re looking to evolve the world of golf.

You are very very welcome to move with me.

Consistent practice will help boost your confidence, drastically enhance your results and add quality to your life like it has done for so many already.

I have made it super simple how to get going with my golfyoga method:

My on demand golf training plans:

(all in English )

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