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This simple yoga stretch is a go-to after too many asymmetrical swings.

A simple downward facing dog can do so much already. It’s one of the go to’s that help neutralize the big muscles of the back after too many one-sided asymmetrical swings.

Especially when combined with low slow breathing this functions as a fantastic movement flush or body + mind reset in between big training sessions or tournament days. Making your rotational capacity easily & effortlessly the next time your swinging.

Note that I’m referring to SIMPLE here. This doesn’t mean it’s an easy exercise nor that it’s non-essential. It doesn't mean it's applicable for your current situation or goal. However, it’s my nudge nudge wink wink for you to really have a closer look at the exercises you’re currently doing.

Many feel motivated by complex cool fast-fitness fashion style exercises. And that’s okay.

But I know you’re smarter than that!

Most golfers will not (dare to) apply this:

bringing attention to quality in foundational SIMPLE athletic movements.

One approach has 0 value for your game. And the other can mean your breakthrough.

With which approach are you going to get your results in this season?

It’s what I help my clients with in my high performance program. The best strategy, approach and exercises specifically tailored for their body & goals. A couple of spots have already been taken and I can’t wait to kick off their program soon.

If you want in too, I’m offering a complimentary evaluation call to check in with me. Before you’re call is booked you’ll find my questionnaire that helps you get clarity on the underlying blockages that need to be tackled in order to bring your full potential into realisation. You can find all the info here.

Here are my physical coaching cues for a safe effective downward dog:

  • Don't hold back to bend the knees. Having the heels touch the mat is NOT a requirement for to get the benefits out of this pose.

  • Fingers are spread wide. Press both the toes and hands into the mat while reaching your tailbone in a diagonal line away from your hands.

  • Bring the shoulders away from the ears.

  • Take 5 deep breaths to the sides of the ribcage, focusing on long exhales. Extending the ribcage out on the inhale and bringing the ribcage back towards the centre on the exhale.

  • SMILE ;)

  • Although I'm providing the idea here that it's a reset movement, this requires an active stable core. It's a pose where we are working.

  • Balanced stillness in both the body & mind is what an intention could be in this position.

  • Bring the knees down to the grond to relax.

I want to point out too that a Golfyoga exercise does not equal to doing yoga on a green or course. One of the photos was taken on an area on the golf course for inspiration.

Ready to take action but prefer doing things on your own account and without accountability or personal coaching? I hear you. I’ve got you covered with the Fundamental Routines Online Training Course.

PS. Je mag mij ook altijd in het NEDERLANDS benaderen hoor. Onze community mag dan wel wereldwijd zijn maar twijfel niet of je mij in het Nederlands kunt berichten ;)

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