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I am delighted to announce and oficially launch our super Big and Beautiful dream project : MASTERCLASSES GOLF YOGA

I am lucky and grateful to be teaming up with my partner Pauline van der Ende, who’m is a yoga teacher, golf fanatic and has lots of experience regarding sports performance & a healthy lifestyle.

When we met, it was clear that our mutual passion for guiding golfers by yoga teachings and movement for injury prevention & life/golf performance was going to be an asset. We klicked from the beginning and started brainstorming and planning on how to get our dream of getting more golfers active through the golf yoga movement into the world. That being said, we will be touring all around The Netherlands, Belgium and all over Europe through our very effective, practical, active and unique masterclass concept.

It’s been a while in the process and we are looking forward to bring all the benefits from yoga to your golfclub and into your golfgame.

In short:

Our Mission ? Empower golfers from all ages and levels through the GolfYoga18 movement training.

Our Services ? Masterclasses Golf Yoga, on location.

What is a Masterclass Golf yoga ?

The Golf Yoga Masterclass is a 2-3hour practical and golfgame transforming workshop were we explain and go through a full golf yoga class.

What value do you get from this masterclass ?

  • Immediate applicable methods to start your golf round through an effective warming up routine

  • Sucessful strategies that will increase your overall mobility and decrease stifness and thightness in your golfswing

  • Insight into the most diverse and golf related human movement stretches and postures that will benefit your golf game

  • The most contemporary tencniques bundled in your personal home-coaching booklet

  • Sucessful strategies that will help reduce your chances of golf injuries

  • The most effective methods that will keep your body in a balanced flexible and strong state for optimal & long term golfing performance

For more info please visit (site still under construction) or email


Looking forward to help and be a part of many golf fitness transforming journeys

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